Logistics Management - Hempel Special Metals Group
Logistics Management

Are you frustrated by long delivery times from factories and high capital employed for stock in your works, only then to find that the semi-finished goods in your depot are incomplete? We can offer you the following solutions:

  • Reserved inventories
  • Call-off orders
  • 24-hour delivery service
  • Package orders

Reserved inventories: We will reserve the materials that you require for a specific time. This provides you with the guarantee that the material you require is available from us. You do not have to know the exact dates for delivery, only the time frame in which the materials will be required. You only pick up the material when you actually need it.

Call orders: You can set the dates you wish to receive the material. This can occur from our normal stock or from the reserved stock. You have no purchase commitment if you make arrangements from our normal depot. We make sure that the materials are delivered exactly according to your plans. We can also finish pre-processing of the materials in our own Service Centre (see Service Centre) or by our certified subcontractors (see Tailor made products).

24-hour delivery service: You order from us by 2 PM and we deliver the material on the next day in Germany, Switzerland or Hong Kong; guaranteed and without any additional costs. If it needs to be even faster, we will take care of it.

Package orders: You require various semi-finished products for one of your projects. No problem for us! We put the various high-quality products consisting of nickel alloys, titanium, and stainless steel together as a "package" and take care of the logistics and delivery of these orders. It does not matter to us whether these orders are cut parts, pipes, flanges, or tailor made products according to your drawings. You will always find the correct contact person.